Jenny Rutterford Photography | Beautiful Black + White
Love Black & White? Monochrome has a romantic, timeless quality that removes all the distractions of colour to focus on mood.

Emotive Images and strong shapes simply come alive in monochrome. Jenny chooses the perfect images from your day to enhance in a rich, warm-toned black & white.

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Jenny Rutterford B+W Portfolio-1010Jenny Rutterford B+W Portfolio-1043Jenny Rutterford B+W Portfolio-2001-5Jenny Rutterford B+W Portfolio-1080Jenny Rutterford B+W Portfolio-1062Jenny Rutterford B+W Portfolio-1088Jenny Rutterford B+W Portfolio-2001-12Jenny Rutterford B+W Portfolio-1011Jenny Rutterford B+W Portfolio-2001-18Jenny Rutterford B+W Portfolio-2001-7Jenny Rutterford B+W Portfolio-1007Jenny Rutterford B+W Portfolio-2001-19Black+white portfolio 3-11Black+white portfolio 2Jenny Rutterford B+W Portfolio-2001-11Black+white portfolio 3-24