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Week 40: Under the new Adur Ferry Bridge

October 10, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Hello, and welcome to week 40 of my Shoreham-by-Sea blog!  It's been dull and drizzly all week, but hey, we had a great summer, so I'm not complaining.  It did prove a little difficult to shoot for my blog though.  And my plan is to utilise the wonders of modern technology to publish this while I'm on my hols next week, so waiting for a sunny day was not an option.

What to do when it rains?  Take shelter!  Where better than under the new Adur Ferry Bridge!  For the benefit of non-locals, this nearly completed footbridge spans the River Adur, connecting Shoreham town with Shoreham Beach:  the former ancient footbridge was no longer fit for purpose and was recently demolished, and the new bridge is due to be opened at the end of October, with an official unveiling by the Duke of Gloucester planned for November 13th.


The new Adur Ferry Bridge at high tideImage by Sussex Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer, Jenny Rutterford Photography


I like the sleek, modern design, and was planning on some lovely images with the sunset as a backdrop, but the weather wasn't playing ball, so instead, I checked the tide tables, wanting to at least capture the scene at high tide.  

Of course, I needed wellies and, it being the middle of the day, had to reassure the bridge workmen that, no, I wasn't going to sink into the mud and, no, I wasn't a journalist intent on capturing them having a fag break and writing a mean caption about why the completion date was long overdue.  As if...!   Mind you, when I questioned whether it would be ready by the end of the month, they did snigger a bit, and asked whether I was good at jumping....?!?  So I'm guessing there are a few technical issues to be sorted, like actually joining the bridge to the mainland at the town centre end...  


Shoreham Town and the Adur Ferry BridgePanoramic photograph by Sussex Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer, Jenny Rutterford Photography


I'll be returning soon to see the progress for myself, but for now, I contented myself with setting up my tripod underneath the bridge at the Shoreham Beach end, creeping out from my shelter only briefly as the rain slowed to a drizzle, to capture the scene from a different angle.  I shot with a prime lens (my 35mmf/1.4) set to maximum depth of field for optimum sharpness.  The legs of my tripod were spayed out low to the river bed - with the camera just a couple of inches above the water, so I had to crouch down to look through the viewfinder, only just avoiding a complete soaking.  

  Sheltering from the rain: under the Adur Ferry BridgePanoramic image by Shoreham-based wedding and lifestyle photographer, Jenny Rutterford Photography


I opened up the shadows underneath the bridge a little in post processing, but otherwise recorded the scene exactly as it was, gloomy grey skies and all!  Just didn't want any of my Floridian readers thinking the greenhouse effect means permanent sunshine in the UK now, or taking for granted the perfect weather they wake up to daily (sigh).

By the time you read this, I'll be relaxed and refreshed from my fifteenth wedding anniversary break with the husband.  So come back next week to find out where we went!  As I write (12 hours before we depart), he still won't tell me where we're going....   


Shoreham town and Sussex Yacht Club from under the Adur Ferry BridgePanoramic Image by Shoreham-based UK Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer, Jenny Rutterford Photography


.... maybe he'll change his mind when he sees me pack outfits and shoes for every possible weather, accommodation and cultural eventuality!  And on that note, better get cracking...  See you soon! - Jenny x


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