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Week 42: Lights and reflections of Shoreham town at dusk

Hi folks!  Hope you all enjoyed reading A week in the life of Jenny Rutterford Photography last week!  This week I was forced to slow down somewhat with a very poorly little girl at home.  But in between the cuddles and never-ending games of monopoly (does anyone ever actually finish a game of monopoly?) I did manage to catch up with my editing, send out a few quotes for commercial work, and meet up with a photographer friend of mine for a long-overdue catch up.

Happily I'd already photographed for this blog the previous week:  just three images this time, but I hope you like them just the same. A couple of weeks' back I shot from under Shoreham's new Adur Ferry Bridge at midday in the rain;  this week's images were taken from a similar vantage point at mid-tide, but this time at dusk, so that the lights from Shoreham's town centre reflected in the water beneath the bridge.


Views from the Adur Ferry Bridge to Shoreham townImage by Sussex-based wedding and lifestyle photographer, Jenny Rutterford Photography


The bridge is not quite completed (the official opening is November 13), and you can see the gaps where the building equipment smashed the glass panels.  But I personally love the modern design, and can't wait til it's finished and we can walk across to Shoreham Beach from the town centre again.

Today, as I write, I just received my first booking from the Lovely and Vintage Wedding Fair I exhibited at last Sunday - hooray! I've only done four wedding fairs since coming back to the UK, and I would say they're still a bit of an unknown entity in terms of actually booking a wedding - you can meet loads of lovely people and have great feedback, but then not hear from them for months, especially if they've just got engaged and haven't set a date.  By which time you hope they haven't forgotten you.  Or the weather might be awful and just a few people trickle in.  But those that do brave the rain are committed to finding wedding suppliers and ready to make decisions.  


Shoreham lights reflected under the Adur Ferry Bridge Image by Sussex-based wedding and lifestyle photographer, Jenny Rutterford Photography


Either way, I've found that I love doing wedding fairs - it's fun to chat to couples about their weddings and of course I love talking photography!  Plus the fairs with a vintage or retro element that I've been doing tend to attract the same suppliers, so I get to meet the same cake-makers, florists, videographers and the like, and we stay in touch on facebook - it's become a sort of second family! It also means I have lots of personal recommendations to give to brides too.  And when a couple I've chatted to at a fair later calls to make a booking, it's the icing on the cake!

My next fair is this Sunday at the Worthing Dome, a Grade II listed Edwardian building, and one of the oldest working cinemas in England. It's a beautiful venue but with great storms predicted on the South Coast for Sunday night, I'm hoping that couples will still make the journey.  If nothing else, the Dome has spectacular sea views and it'll be fun watching the rising waves and no doubt the hordes of fearless kitesurfers.  Ooh, wonder if I'll have time to grab a few photos....


Shoreham at dusk from beneath the new Adur Ferry BridgePanoramic Image by Sussex-based wedding and lifestyle photographer, Jenny Rutterford Photography


Next week I'm bringing a bit of autumnal colour into your lives.  So if you love Autumn trees and leaves, or you're one of my expat Florida friends bored of year-round sunshine and palm trees (I've have a few requests - you know who you are!), then please do come back and join me next week.... thanks for reading, Jenny x



You are a natural blogger! Great photos but Shoreham council may regret the glass railings. Look forward to seeing your Shoreham in Autumn or maybe in should be Shoreham after the storm. I heard it got pretty gusty in the South. x
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