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Week 35: Messing about on the Adur River

Welcome back to my Shoreham blog!  This past week has been a tad busy - I've photographed Lu & Pete's amazing orchard wedding in the South Downs, papparazied (is that a word?) Doily Days' and Belles Events' wedding bash at the Alcove, Hove, and the kids went back to school - my son starting secondary school for the first time, at Shoreham Academy.  

Needless to say, I have a mound of editing, plus lots of the obligatory form filling and school club fee paying that marks the start of the school year. So I'll keep it brief.


Shoreham Sea Scouts


At a loose end in the last week of the summer hols, my son joined a bunch of his mates in cardboard boat building for 3rd Shoreham Sea Scouts. I had visions of a flotilla of shoeboxes making their way down the River Adur, but no!  The boys were actually going to sail in them, and see how long they could stay afloat!  


Shoreham Sea Scouts members preparing for the launch.  Images by Sussex Wedding Photographer Jenny Rutterford Photography.


The four of them spent two whole afternoons perfecting their boat with great enthusiasm.  Technically, there was probably more packing tape than cardboard in their creation, and the slit they cut for the rudder needed so much resealing as to render its function wholly redundant.  But aesthetics won over engineering and it was a proud moment for the boys as they sailed off down the Adur River in the Silver Butt.... 

It was a glorious sunny evening, so I took my camera along for a few snaps.


Launching the cardboard boat!  River Adur, Shoreham-by-Sea.  Images by Sussex Wedding Photographer, Jenny Rutterford Photography.


And we


Watching from the slipway, we were quietly amazed at just how long it did actually last.  I can't remember the official time, but definitely more than a minute, maybe even two.... before spectacularly capsizing its cargo of two 11-year-old boys into the river, amid squeals of delight from the other scouts.  Simple pleasures...  Needless to say, my son is now joining 3rd Shoreham Sea Scouts.


Capsizing the cardboard boat!  Shoreham Sea Scouts on the River Adur.  Images by Sussex Wedding Photographer, Jenny Rutterford Photography.


As I write, it's sunny, but there's a noticeable nip in the air - autumn's definitely on the way.  I'm hoping for a beautiful Indian Summer lasting well into October, with interesting skies and lots of photographic opportunities for this blog.  I'm certainly going to be busy - with engagement shoots and family portraits booked, plus two wedding fairs before October's out.  Hmm, not sure when I'll find time to do the Shoreham calendar I had planned.....  and as for gaining my licenciate with the Master Photographer's Association...  I'm about half way through, but the second half's not going to finish itself, so I really must boost it to the top of my to do list.


A lovely evening for sailing on the River Adur, Shoreham-by-Sea.  Images by Sussex Wedding Photographer, Jenny Rutterford Photography.


Well, that's all for this week - I told you I'd keep it brief!  Work to be done.... Thanks for reading, and see you soon, Jenny x


Angela Edwards(non-registered)
Fantastic pictures of the boys Jenny. Wasn't it fun. We have taken on board lots of tips from the other boat designers and made notes so next year will be even better.
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