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The Ravenswood County Manor Wedding | Sarah & Matt

April 07, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

"Jenny was so personable, she put us both at ease from the moment that we met her at a wedding fair. Her photos are beautiful and the amount of time that she allocated to us for meetings, engagement shoot and on the day was really appreciated – nothing was too much trouble.

Jenny really took the time  to get to know us, our likes and dislikes to ensure that she got photos which we would love and that we were comfortable having taken. We have had no end of compliments on the beautiful photos, how comfortable our guests felt and how unobtrusive Jenny was. For us, photography was our most important decision as it is the way that you relive your wedding and we truly couldn’t be more thrilled with our photos!

Thank you so much!"

Sarah and Matt


Ravenswood Wedding_0117Ravenswood Wedding_0117


I thought I'd begin this blog unashamedly with Sarah & Matt's thoughtful testimonial of me.  I'm a wedding photographer, not a marketing wiz.  Yet as well as being a wedding photographer, I'm also a business owner.  I can't indulge my passion for capturing my clients' special day, if I don't have clients!  So being a marketing wiz is a bit of a necessity in the digital age, yet myself, and most other good photographers I know and respect, are notoriously bad at blowing our own trumpets.  So thank you to Sarah and Matt for doing it for me.  And to all my other lovely clients who have done the same.  You know who you are, and just how much I appreciate it (and if you haven't quite got round to it, I do understand - it's never too late, I promise!) 

So back to Sarah and Matt.  I first met this absolutely lovely couple at a wedding fair in Burgess Hill, almost two years before their big day.  Sarah told me the story of how Matt proposed on a picnic rug on the beach while eating fish and chips.  How romantic is that?! Well, I certainly remembered their story, so was extra happy when the couple asked me to be their wedding photographer several weeks' later.  I was also happy that their wedding venue was to be The Ravenswood in Sharpthorne, West Sussex.  Why?  Because I love photographing at venues new to me and when the three of us met up there for a site visit, I was blown away by the incredible scenery The Ravenswood offers.  Not many venues boast a lake, boathouse, 'birdcage', and an oversized garden chair - like something out of Alice in Wonderland!  

On the day itself, an unsettled weather forecast put paid to Sarah and Matt's plans to tie the knot outdoors.  But inside The Ravenswood was lovely too, with plenty of natural window light on the couple, and atmospheric lighting to the rear of the ceremony room.  And the drizzle quickly gave way to soft warm light, with a mix of sunshine and cloud which lasted throughout the afternoon and evening, ensuring we got all the photos we'd planned together.  The children were kept entertained by hula hoops and an awesome giant bubble machine (you absolutely MUST get one of these for your outdoor wedding - check out the awesome photos of the page boys catching bubbles, mouths open!)  Oh, and there was ice cream!  I've never seen kids have so much fun at a wedding!

The photography was one of the most important parts of the day for Sarah, and she was certainly up for my suggestion of donning the wellie boots and heading around the grounds, including the muddy path behind the lake to reach the boathouse.  I set up some lights in the boathouse, then headed off round the lake to capture the newly weds in the romantic setting. I don't usually work with an assistant, preferring to remain as unobtrusive as possible, and this was technically a little tricky to pull off, but we'd discussed it all beforehand, and Sarah and Matt were happy to work with me for the images I'd had in my mind since our visit.  A winning combination of phoning and gesticulating from the distant shore (it was a large lake!) as to where they should stand, and could they just please move my light a little to the left....  they were absolute troopers!

I'll leave you to view the rest of their story through my images - starting with a pint of bitter (you go girl!)


Ravenswood Wedding_0001Ravenswood Wedding_0001 Ravenswood Wedding_0002Ravenswood Wedding_0002 Ravenswood Wedding_0003Ravenswood Wedding_0003 Ravenswood Wedding_0004Ravenswood Wedding_0004 Ravenswood Wedding_0005Ravenswood Wedding_0005 Ravenswood Wedding_0006Ravenswood Wedding_0006 Ravenswood Wedding_0007Ravenswood Wedding_0007 Ravenswood Wedding_0008Ravenswood Wedding_0008 Ravenswood Wedding_0009Ravenswood Wedding_0009 Ravenswood Wedding_0010Ravenswood Wedding_0010 Ravenswood Wedding_0011Ravenswood Wedding_0011 Ravenswood Wedding_0012Ravenswood Wedding_0012 Ravenswood Wedding_0013Ravenswood Wedding_0013 Ravenswood Wedding_0014Ravenswood Wedding_0014 Ravenswood Wedding_0015Ravenswood Wedding_0015 Ravenswood Wedding_0016Ravenswood Wedding_0016 Ravenswood Wedding_0017Ravenswood Wedding_0017 Ravenswood Wedding_0018Ravenswood Wedding_0018 Ravenswood Wedding_0019Ravenswood Wedding_0019 Ravenswood Wedding_0020Ravenswood Wedding_0020 Ravenswood Wedding_0021Ravenswood Wedding_0021 Ravenswood Wedding_0022Ravenswood Wedding_0022 Ravenswood Wedding_0023Ravenswood Wedding_0023 Ravenswood Wedding_0024Ravenswood Wedding_0024 Ravenswood Wedding_0025Ravenswood Wedding_0025 Ravenswood Wedding_0026Ravenswood Wedding_0026 Ravenswood Wedding_0027Ravenswood Wedding_0027 Ravenswood Wedding_0028Ravenswood Wedding_0028 Ravenswood Wedding_0029Ravenswood Wedding_0029 Ravenswood Wedding_0030Ravenswood Wedding_0030 Ravenswood Wedding_0031Ravenswood Wedding_0031 Ravenswood Wedding_0032Ravenswood Wedding_0032 Ravenswood Wedding_0033Ravenswood Wedding_0033 Ravenswood Wedding_0034Ravenswood Wedding_0034 Ravenswood Wedding_0035Ravenswood Wedding_0035 Ravenswood Wedding_0036Ravenswood Wedding_0036 Ravenswood Wedding_0037Ravenswood Wedding_0037 Ravenswood Wedding_0038Ravenswood Wedding_0038 Ravenswood Wedding_0039Ravenswood Wedding_0039 Ravenswood Wedding_0040Ravenswood Wedding_0040 Ravenswood Wedding_0041Ravenswood Wedding_0041 Ravenswood Wedding_0042Ravenswood Wedding_0042 Ravenswood Wedding_0043Ravenswood Wedding_0043 Ravenswood Wedding_0044Ravenswood Wedding_0044 Ravenswood Wedding_0045Ravenswood Wedding_0045 Ravenswood Wedding_0046Ravenswood Wedding_0046 Ravenswood Wedding_0047Ravenswood Wedding_0047 Ravenswood Wedding_0048Ravenswood Wedding_0048 Ravenswood Wedding_0049Ravenswood Wedding_0049 Ravenswood Wedding_0050Ravenswood Wedding_0050 Ravenswood Wedding_0051Ravenswood Wedding_0051 Ravenswood Wedding_0052Ravenswood Wedding_0052 Ravenswood Wedding_0053Ravenswood Wedding_0053 Ravenswood Wedding_0054Ravenswood Wedding_0054 Ravenswood Wedding_0055Ravenswood Wedding_0055 Ravenswood Wedding_0056Ravenswood Wedding_0056 Ravenswood Wedding_0057Ravenswood Wedding_0057 Ravenswood Wedding_0058Ravenswood Wedding_0058 Ravenswood Wedding_0059Ravenswood Wedding_0059 Ravenswood Wedding_0060Ravenswood Wedding_0060 Ravenswood Wedding_0061Ravenswood Wedding_0061 Ravenswood Wedding_0062Ravenswood Wedding_0062 Ravenswood Wedding_0063Ravenswood Wedding_0063 Ravenswood Wedding_0064Ravenswood Wedding_0064 Ravenswood Wedding_0065Ravenswood Wedding_0065 Ravenswood Wedding_0067Ravenswood Wedding_0067 Ravenswood Wedding_0066Ravenswood Wedding_0066 Ravenswood Wedding_0068Ravenswood Wedding_0068 Ravenswood Wedding_0069Ravenswood Wedding_0069 Ravenswood Wedding_0070Ravenswood Wedding_0070 Ravenswood Wedding_0072Ravenswood Wedding_0072 Ravenswood Wedding_0074Ravenswood Wedding_0074 Ravenswood Wedding_0073Ravenswood Wedding_0073 Ravenswood Wedding_0075Ravenswood Wedding_0075 Ravenswood Wedding_0076Ravenswood Wedding_0076 Ravenswood Wedding_0077Ravenswood Wedding_0077 Ravenswood Wedding_0080Ravenswood Wedding_0080 Ravenswood Wedding_0081Ravenswood Wedding_0081 Ravenswood Wedding_0082Ravenswood Wedding_0082 Ravenswood Wedding_0083Ravenswood Wedding_0083 Ravenswood Wedding_0084Ravenswood Wedding_0084 Ravenswood Wedding_0085Ravenswood Wedding_0085 Ravenswood Wedding_0086Ravenswood Wedding_0086 Ravenswood Wedding_0089Ravenswood Wedding_0089 Ravenswood Wedding_0090Ravenswood Wedding_0090 Ravenswood Wedding_0087Ravenswood Wedding_0087 Ravenswood Wedding_0088Ravenswood Wedding_0088 Ravenswood Wedding_0091Ravenswood Wedding_0091 Ravenswood Wedding_0093Ravenswood Wedding_0093 Ravenswood Wedding_0094Ravenswood Wedding_0094 Ravenswood Wedding_0096Ravenswood Wedding_0096 Ravenswood Wedding_0097Ravenswood Wedding_0097 Ravenswood Wedding_0095Ravenswood Wedding_0095 Ravenswood Wedding_0098Ravenswood Wedding_0098 Ravenswood Wedding_0099Ravenswood Wedding_0099 Ravenswood Wedding_0100Ravenswood Wedding_0100 Ravenswood Wedding_0101Ravenswood Wedding_0101 Ravenswood Wedding_0102Ravenswood Wedding_0102 Ravenswood Wedding_0103Ravenswood Wedding_0103 Ravenswood Wedding_0104Ravenswood Wedding_0104 Ravenswood Wedding_0105Ravenswood Wedding_0105 Ravenswood Wedding_0106Ravenswood Wedding_0106 Ravenswood Wedding_0107Ravenswood Wedding_0107 Ravenswood Wedding_0108Ravenswood Wedding_0108 Ravenswood Wedding_0109Ravenswood Wedding_0109 Ravenswood Wedding_0110Ravenswood Wedding_0110Ravenswood Wedding Photographer Ravenswood Wedding_0111Ravenswood Wedding_0111 Ravenswood Wedding_0112Ravenswood Wedding_0112 Ravenswood Wedding_0113Ravenswood Wedding_0113Ravenswood Wedding Photography Ravenswood Wedding_0114Ravenswood Wedding_0114 Ravenswood Wedding_0115Ravenswood Wedding_0115 Ravenswood Wedding_0116Ravenswood Wedding_0116Ravenswood Photographer Ravenswood Wedding_0117Ravenswood Wedding_0117 Ravenswood Wedding_0118Ravenswood Wedding_0118 Ravenswood Wedding_0119Ravenswood Wedding_0119Summer wedding at the Ravenswood by wedding photographer Jenny Rutterford Ravenswood Wedding_0120Ravenswood Wedding_0120 Ravenswood Wedding_0121Ravenswood Wedding_0121Ravenswood wedding photography Ravenswood Wedding_0122Ravenswood Wedding_0122Stunning wedding photography at The Ravenswood in Sussex Ravenswood Wedding_0123Ravenswood Wedding_0123Ravenswood boat house wedding Ravenswood Wedding_0124Ravenswood Wedding_0124 Ravenswood Wedding_0125Ravenswood Wedding_0125 Ravenswood Wedding_0126Ravenswood Wedding_0126 Ravenswood Wedding_0127Ravenswood Wedding_0127 Ravenswood Wedding_0129Ravenswood Wedding_0129 Ravenswood Wedding_0130Ravenswood Wedding_0130 Ravenswood Wedding_0131Ravenswood Wedding_0131 Ravenswood Wedding_0132Ravenswood Wedding_0132 Ravenswood Wedding_0133Ravenswood Wedding_0133 Ravenswood Wedding_0134Ravenswood Wedding_0134 Ravenswood Wedding_0135Ravenswood Wedding_0135


Like Sarah and Matt, I meet many of my couples at wedding fairs - you can catch me at Pure Events Wedding Show at Worthing Assembly Hall on 9th April, Plumpton Racecourse on 30th April, and Sussex Wed Fest at Two Woods Estate on 4th June.

I look forward to hearing your wedding plans!

Jenny x



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