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Natalie and Katherine's Stunning Pre-Wedding Shoot on Shoreham Beach

May 05, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Welcome to my blog!  If you've just found me, I keep this section of my website regularly updated with my clients' wedding stories.  It's a more in-depth look at their weddings which, if you're getting married, can help you decide whether my style of photography would be right for you.  It's one thing looking at the 'hero' images on a photographer's home page, but another to scroll through their couples' actual wedding stories, from bridal preparation to the dance floor.  Keeping my blog up to date also - let's be honest here! - helps Google to recognise me, which is rather important if I want you to find me when you're searching for a Sussex wedding photographer online!

It's actually been ages since I've posted an engagement or pre-wedding shoot though, so I thought it about time I did so, especially as I'm currently averaging two a week, with all my summer couples taking the opportunity for Spring shoot.  Where possible, I prefer to do these shoots during the Golden Hour - the last hour before sunset, when the light is generally soft and lovely to work with.  I love back-lighting my couples, or shooting into the sun, which would be almost impossible in harsher midday light.  At a wedding, I'd use additional lighting to counter dark shadows, but for engagement shoots, I prefer to keep things entirely natural as my focus is to establish a rappour with my couple.  I want them to feel relaxed and comfortable, so that on the day of the wedding, they feel confident in just being themselves, and no longer scared of the camera.  That's when the real magic happens, photographically speaking. 

On first meeting Natalie and Katherine (affectionately known as Nat and Kat), the couple told me they didn't much like having their photo taken and wanted natural, candid photography to reflect the relaxed wedding they'll be having this coming July at Bracklesham Barn, Wittering in West Sussex.  They even went so far as to say they look dreadful in photos and are not at all photogenic.  Well, after spending a very relaxed and fun hour with the girls on the beach, I have to say they couldn't be more mistaken. These ladies have bucketloads of personality, and a very genuine and honest relationship with each other, which I feel privileged to have been chosen to capture.  I have to say, my lesbian couple weddings and pre-wedding shoots have been some of my favourites - I'll put links below so you can find them if you'd like to see more. Looking at these images and the very evident love Nat and Kat have for each other, I'm glad I've managed to convince them that they are beautiful young women who do actually take a rather good photo!


"Hi Jenny,

We've never clicked on an email so quickly.

We love them!!!  These are honestly 100% some of the best photos we have of us to date.

We love..... 7,10,18,27,42,47,55,78,82  (The actual love list is a lot longer) those are our favourites though.

Feeling so much more relaxed about the big day now.

Thank you

You're amazing" 

Nat & Kat xx

Shoreham Beach Engagement_1001Shoreham Beach Engagement_1001 Shoreham Beach Engagement_1002Shoreham Beach Engagement_1002 Shoreham Beach Engagement_1003Shoreham Beach Engagement_1003 Shoreham Beach Engagement_1004Shoreham Beach Engagement_1004 Shoreham Beach Engagement_1005Shoreham Beach Engagement_1005 Shoreham Beach Engagement_1006Shoreham Beach Engagement_1006 Shoreham Beach Engagement_1007Shoreham Beach Engagement_1007 Shoreham Beach Engagement_1008Shoreham Beach Engagement_1008 Shoreham Beach Engagement_1009Shoreham Beach Engagement_1009 Shoreham Beach Engagement_1010Shoreham Beach Engagement_1010 Shoreham Beach Engagement_1011Shoreham Beach Engagement_1011 Shoreham Beach Engagement_1012Shoreham Beach Engagement_1012 Shoreham Beach Engagement_1013Shoreham Beach Engagement_1013 Shoreham Beach Engagement_1014Shoreham Beach Engagement_1014


Ladies, you look absolutely stunning, and I really can't wait to photograph your special day in a couple of months' time!

Jenny xx


If you'd like to see more same-sex Brighton weddings and pre-wedding/engagement shoots, please click on the links below.  

I still have a few spaces left for late Autumn and Winter 2017, and plenty for 2018, so if you'd like to know more, please click here and leave your date and venue details, and I'll get back to you with full information on pricing and details of exactly what you receive if you book me as your wedding photographer. 


Jo and Anna

Two Brides on Brighton Beach - a fun and relaxed engagement shoot

Jo and Anna's stunning beach wedding

Kathryn & Shelley

Brighton Lesbian Couple's Fun Engagement Shoot

Shelley & Kathryn's Beach-themed Wedding at Pangdean Barn


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