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Ditchling Barn Wedding | Tara + Ben

Hello readers! The regulars among you will remember that my last blog post featured Tara and Ben having fun on their pre-wedding shoot up on Devil's Dyke.  This week, I'm bringing you this couple's Ditchling Barn wedding, which they held in a marquee on Ditchling Green.  I'll begin with their truly lovely testimonial of my work:


Jenny was an absolute dream to work with right from when we met her at a Wedding fayre in Burgess Hill, We knew straight away we were going to get on and that she was going to capture our Wedding perfectly.

On the big day we didn't even notice Jenny, she was so discrete but yet captured every special moment of the day. Jenny also got so many brilliant pictures of our guests which really made it feel like we didn't miss out on a single part of the day.

Looking back at our Wedding pictures brings us so much joy, Jenny couldn't of done a more amazing job, not only did she take the most glorious pictures, she helped the whole day run smoothly. We can't thank you enough, we will forever enjoy looking back on the best day of our lives.  

Tara & Ben x


When I first met this lovely couple, one of the things they mentioned was that they weren't planning to follow tradition, but rather to do things their way.  So no table seating plans (despite having 100+ guests!), no set menu, party-buses, a diamante-studded tie for the groom, and the bridesmaids in black.  OK, so it wouldn't be everyone's cup of tea, but on the day it worked just perfectly and Tara and Ben had exactly the wedding they wanted.

For a start, the bridesmaids dresses were stunning, and worked really well with the art deco theme.  And then there were the party buses (I think there were three), which transported all the guests from Brighton Town Hall where they had their wedding ceremony, to Ditchling Green.  Filled with bubbly on ice, disco lights and pumping music, the party really did get started and I'm certain that the guests on my bus, and doubtless those on the other two also, were the best of friends by the time we arrived, even if they hadn't previously met!  So not having table plans really didn't matter - good call, Tara and Ben, saved you a gruesome job!  Every time we hit traffic lights or a log jam (it may have been late October, but driving from Brighton to Ditchling is not the quickest of journeys) I braved the bus aisle with my cameras to capture the crazy atmosphere to the banging tunes of Bob Marley.  It may have been 8 months ago, but I still remember every last detail of that awesome bus ride, which was a completely new experience to me!

Inside the marquee (by Super Events), instead of table service, there was an amazing choice of street food carts for guests to choose from, supplied by catering company Fruits & Fountains.  I opted for a burger, which was delicious, and sat with the videographers - husband and wife team Andy and Rebecca - who raved about their fish & chips.  I passed on the crepes and popcorn, although they smelt amazing too, but I did have the speeches to consider, and didn't want to feel like I needed a nap!  Definitely the right call, as the speeches were side-splittingly hilarious, and I captured great images of the bride, groom and their guests literally doubled-up with laughter.

The party continued once even more guests arrived for the evening entertainment, with a fun greenscreen photobooth by Quality Photobooth, and music by Mark from The DJ Limited.  Oh, and lots of sparklers - check out the awesome shapes, especially the best cowboy lasso efforts from Tara and Ben!  

Well, I need to crack on with all the wedding editing I have at this time of year, so I'll leave you to see how their day unfolded through my images.  Enjoy!


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Wedding_1076 Ditching Barn Wedding_1077Ditching Barn Wedding_1077 Ditching Barn Wedding_1078Ditching Barn Wedding_1078 Ditching Barn Wedding_1079Ditching Barn Wedding_1079 Ditching Barn Wedding_1080Ditching Barn Wedding_1080 Ditching Barn Wedding_1081Ditching Barn Wedding_1081 Ditching Barn Wedding_1082Ditching Barn Wedding_1082 Ditching Barn Wedding_1083Ditching Barn Wedding_1083 Ditching Barn Wedding_1084Ditching Barn Wedding_1084 Ditching Barn Wedding_1085Ditching Barn Wedding_1085 Ditching Barn Wedding_1086Ditching Barn Wedding_1086 Ditching Barn Wedding_1087Ditching Barn Wedding_1087 Ditching Barn Wedding_1088Ditching Barn Wedding_1088 Ditching Barn Wedding_1089Ditching Barn Wedding_1089 Ditching Barn Wedding_1090Ditching Barn Wedding_1090 Ditching Barn Wedding_1091Ditching Barn Wedding_1091 Ditching Barn Wedding_1092Ditching Barn Wedding_1092 Ditching Barn Wedding_1093Ditching Barn Wedding_1093 Ditching Barn Wedding_1094Ditching Barn Wedding_1094 Ditching Barn Wedding_1095Ditching Barn Wedding_1095 Ditching Barn Wedding_1096Ditching Barn Wedding_1096 Ditching Barn Wedding_1097Ditching Barn Wedding_1097 Ditching Barn Wedding_1098Ditching Barn Wedding_1098 Ditching Barn Wedding_1099Ditching Barn Wedding_1099 Ditching Barn Wedding_1100Ditching Barn Wedding_1100 Ditching Barn Wedding_1101Ditching Barn Wedding_1101 Ditching Barn Wedding_1102Ditching Barn Wedding_1102 Ditching Barn Wedding_1103Ditching Barn Wedding_1103 Ditching Barn Wedding_1104Ditching Barn Wedding_1104 Ditching Barn Wedding_1105Ditching Barn Wedding_1105


Planning a Sussex wedding and love my work?  Please check out more wedding stories or head over to my portfolio for a quick idea of the kind of images you can expect if you book me, Jenny, to capture all the fun and emotion on your special day.

Bye for now!  Back to my wedding editing...

Jenny x



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