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Nymans pre-wedding shoot: Holly + Martin

I first met Holly and Martin at Nymans National Trust near Haywards Heath.  We talked through their plans for their upcoming December wedding at Long Furlong Barn, and I showed them sample albums of my work.  I seem to remember there was homemade cake involved too - always a bonus! I felt that we hit it off straight away and would make a great team on the day, so was overjoyed when, after meeting with another photographer on their shortlist, they contacted me a few days later to book.  

On that note, if you're reading this as a bride- or groom-to-be, please do keep your prospective photographer in the loop communication-wise.  It's great when a couple books immediately from the heart as they just know we'd be the perfect fit, but in many instances, couples will understandably want to meet up with two or sometimes three photographers before making their decision.  It's a very British thing to feel disloyal if you've spent a hour or so getting to know a supplier, then have to admit that you'll be meeting up with one of their competitors.  But from the photographer's viewpoint (and I would expect this goes for other wedding suppliers too), it's better to know where you stand and understand why the couple won't be getting back to you for a week or so, rather than thinking they simply weren't interested.  In any case, many of my competitors are also my friends - I operate very much on the basis there are enough weddings to go round, it's just a question of the couple finding the photographer who's right for them.  In fact, I'll often refer couples to my colleagues if I'm booked on their date or we're simply not a good fit in terms of style or budget.

Anyway, happily Holly and Martin felt the same as I did about our compatibility, both in terms of photographic style and also personality, so we arranged to return to Nymans National Trust gardens for their pre-wedding shoot in September.  We enjoyed a lovely walk around the grounds, capturing images as we went, plus a spot of light (ahem! - check out the image below) reading in Nymans' 2nd hand bookshop.  The couple had told me they'd be having a ceilidh on their wedding day, so I encouraged them to dance a little, which they duly obliged, with much laughter.  In fact, it worked so well for fun and relaxed images that showcased their personalities, that we repeated the moves for the couple images on their wedding day - even better with a dress!  I'll leave you with a selection of images from Holly and Martin's pre-wedding shoot, and will return in a couple of weeks to blog the couple's fabulous winter wedding.  Watch this space!


Nymans pre wedding shoot_1001Nymans pre wedding shoot_1001 Nymans pre wedding shoot_1002Nymans pre wedding shoot_1002 Nymans pre wedding shoot_1003Nymans pre wedding shoot_1003 Nymans pre wedding shoot_1004Nymans pre wedding shoot_1004 Nymans pre wedding shoot_1005Nymans pre wedding shoot_1005 Nymans pre wedding shoot_1006Nymans pre wedding shoot_1006 Nymans pre wedding shoot_1007Nymans pre wedding shoot_1007 Nymans pre wedding shoot_1008Nymans pre wedding shoot_1008 Nymans pre wedding shoot_1009Nymans pre wedding shoot_1009 Nymans pre wedding shoot_1010Nymans pre wedding shoot_1010 Nymans pre wedding shoot_1011Nymans pre wedding shoot_1011 Nymans pre wedding shoot_1012Nymans pre wedding shoot_1012 Nymans pre wedding shoot_1013Nymans pre wedding shoot_1013 Nymans pre wedding shoot_1014Nymans pre wedding shoot_1014 Nymans pre wedding shoot_1015Nymans pre wedding shoot_1015 Nymans pre wedding shoot_1016Nymans pre wedding shoot_1016 Nymans pre wedding shoot_1017Nymans pre wedding shoot_1017 Nymans pre wedding shoot_1018Nymans pre wedding shoot_1018 Nymans pre wedding shoot_1019Nymans pre wedding shoot_1019 Nymans pre wedding shoot_1020Nymans pre wedding shoot_1020 Nymans pre wedding shoot_1021Nymans pre wedding shoot_1021 Nymans pre wedding shoot_1022Nymans pre wedding shoot_1022


Enjoyed this blog?  Please pop back at the end of July to see Holly & Martin's wedding story, and if you're planning a wedding, do get in touch!  I'd love to hear your wedding plans.

Jenny x




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