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Pangdean Old Barn Wedding | Jemma + Dean

February 20, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

It's not uncommon for a couple to tell me at a wedding fair just how totally un-photogenic they are, and how much they're dreading their wedding photos.  But Jemma and Dean were quite possibly one of the most camera-shy couples I've ever met!  That said, the photography was for them a really important part of their wedding, which was to be held at Holy Trinity Church, Cuckfield and afterwards at stunning Pangdean Old Barn just North of Brighton.  And as much as they disliked the thought of posing for family or couple photos, they knew that they wanted to come away with at least a few!

Standing there in front of me telling me this was the loveliest couple - radiant smiles, a great sense of humour and seemingly very comfortable chatting with me.  My challenge was not going to be getting a great photo of them.  Not at all!  My challenge was going to me ensuring they felt so relaxed with me and the camera, that they enjoyed their day and completely forgot about being photographed.  I needed them to trust me implicitly, so that even the couple photos would be a fun and laid back part of the day.  So what did I do to allay their fears?  Well, first of all I showed them my thank you notes and testimonials from the many other couples I've captured in recent years who've said exactly the same thing.  I wanted them to know they're not alone!  That actually, many, many brides and grooms dislike being the centre of attention, and being captured on camera doing just that is completely anathema to them. 

And then I persuaded them to meet up with me for a pre-wedding shoot!  So why would you want an extra shoot if you don't like being photographed?  Because it will help you to realise you can look great in a photograph if shot by a professional who knows about lighting and body angles.  You'll get to know your photographer during the shoot, and realise that she's just a human being with a passion for photography, and actually not at all scary!  And you'll come away thinking, 'that was OK.  Actually, better than OK, and I'm not dreading the wedding nearly as much.'  And then shortly after, you'll receive a gallery of beautiful images to keep that remove that final niggle of doubt.  This was what Jemma and Dean had to say:


You are an absolute miracle worker! The pictures are amazing and that’s total credit to you for making us relax (which I know was hard work!). Thank you so much we both love them!
It’s amazing that a lot of the 'posed' photos have come out so well and actually look natural! Can't thank you enough Jenny, you did fantastically to capture these!
Jemma & Dean


At their wedding, some two months later, both Jemma and Dean greeted me with the biggest smiles and gave barely a thought to the camera.  Blessed with gorgeous sunshine, the couple smiled their way through the church ceremony and family photos, enjoyed their first dance (or at least, looked like they did!) and actually wanted to head up with me into the hills behind Pangdean to make the most of the stunning sunset. 

I for one am so happy to have been able to put them at ease and provide them with the relaxed, natural and happy images they desperately wanted.  Taking beautiful photos of their day was the easy part, but knowing how relaxed I made them feel on the day was the most rewarding.


Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1001Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1001 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1002Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1002 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1003Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1003 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1004Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1004 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1005Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1005 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1006Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1006 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1007Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1007 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1008Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1008 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1009Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1009 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1010Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1010 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1011Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1011 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1012Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1012 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1013Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1013 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1014Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1014 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1015Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1015 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1016Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1016 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1017Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1017 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1018Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1018 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1019Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1019 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1020Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1020 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1021Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1021 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1022Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1022 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1023Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1023 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1024Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1024 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1025Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1025 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1026Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1026 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1027Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1027 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1028Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1028 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1029Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1029 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1030Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1030 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1031Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1031 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1032Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1032 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1033Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1033 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1034Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1034 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1035Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1035 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1036Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1036 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1037Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1037 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1038Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1038 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1039Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1039 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1040Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1040 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1041Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1041 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1042Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1042 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1043Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1043 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1044Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1044 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1045Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1045 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1046Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1046 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1047Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1047 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1048Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1048 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1049Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1049 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1050Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1050 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1051Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1051 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1052Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1052 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1053Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1053 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1054Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1054 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1055Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1055 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1056Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1056 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1057Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1057 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1058Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1058 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1059Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1059 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1060Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1060 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1061Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1061 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1062Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1062 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1063Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1063 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1064Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1064 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1065Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1065 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1066Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1066 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1067Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1067 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1068Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1068 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1069Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1069 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1070Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1070 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1071Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1071 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1072Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1072 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1073Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1073 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1074Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1074 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1075Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1075 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1076Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1076 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1077Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1077 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1078Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1078 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1079Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1079 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1080Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1080 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1081Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1081 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1082Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1082 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1083Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1083 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1084Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1084 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1085Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1085 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1086Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1086 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1087Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1087 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1088Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1088 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1089Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1089 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1090Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1090 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1091Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1091 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1092Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1092 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1093Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1093 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1094Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1094 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1095Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1095 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1096Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1096 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1097Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1097 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1098Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1098 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1099Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1099 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1100Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1100 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1101Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1101 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1102Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1102 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1103Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1103 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1104Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1104 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1105Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1105 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1106Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1106 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1107Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1107 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1108Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1108 Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1109Pangdean Old Barn Wedding_1109


I am happy to have become a recommended wedding photographer of Pangdean Old Barn, and am very much looking forward to returning to this stunning venue.  

If you place a high value on your wedding photography, please get in touch with your dates and check my availability.  Camera-shy or not, it's my job to help you feel relaxed and confident on your day, and to ensure you love each and every one of your wedding photos.  But don't just take my word for it, read what many, many more of my clients have to say.

Jenny x


Suppliers at Jemma & Dean's Wedding:

Venue:  Pangdean Old Barn

Flowers:  Belinda, Chez Fleur

Dress:  White Mischief, Henfield

Band:  The Jets

Cake:  Made by Jemma's Aunt




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