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Brookfield Barn Wedding | Laura + Andy

OK, so I am neck-deep in wedding editing, but I am absolutely determined to blog this fab Brookfield Barn wedding from last Summer before June is out!  So here goes....

When Laura and Andy approached me to photograph their wedding, I jumped at the chance:  the couple sounded lovely in their emails, and this would also be my first opportunity to capture a wedding at stunning Brookfield Barn near Horsham.  The barn was completely renovated in 2015/2016 and quickly became a highly sought after venue, hardly surprising given its credentials - contemporary decor, lush green outdoor space, and guest accommodation on site (very rare for Sussex barns).  The venue is licensed for both indoor or outdoor ceremonies, with the indoor barn option opening up fully at one end with a stunning backdrop of a lake, trees, and golf course beyond.  I love the quirky touches such as the giant swing and champagne cork patio stools, and there's the option to head out on golf buggies for couple photos (we opted to walk for some natural photos around the lake).  

The couple booked me (hooray!), and we met up on their pre-wedding shoot in April at Worthing Pier.  Laura and Andy were wonderful company, and we simply strolled along - and under - the pier, taking photos in the evening sunshine as we went.   Fast forward four months, and their big day in August began for me with the bridal preparations at the couple's home in Worthing.   I wandered around (as I usually do before getting out my camera!) and found some fab art deco and retro pieces, like the orange corded telephone, perfect for capturing Laura's accessories in a way that would be meaningful for them.  The wooden arbor was ideal for a great wedding dress shot, and I placed Laura's lovely sapphire engagement ring on a tile coaster I found featuring a burnt orange heart.       

Laura gifted earrings to her bridesmaids while 'Barry' the retro blue-coloured campervan was given a white ribbon by his owner, a family friend.  Not every bride is lucky enough to have a cousin who's a wedding dress designer, but Laura does!  Unsurprisingly therefore, Laura's dress was unique, elegant and beautifully fitted, simply perfect.  And who better to help her get dressed than the designer Stephanie Kate herself!

As with most of my couples, Laura and Andy wanted natural, 'real' photos of their day ("no Photoshop!"), mostly candid, but with some gently directed couple photos and a handful of those all important family photos.  And although the heavens opened in the evening, we headed out shortly after the ceremony and managed to get plenty of natural and romantic images on the swing and bridge and around the lake.  Laura and Andy had ordered a large album, and I really wanted to fill those pages with some gorgeous panoramic images!  

Bear Claw Catering provided a magnificent spread, and in the evening, the barn came alive to the sounds of The Outfit.  A truly fantastic day that I felt honoured to have been a part of. 


"From the moment we met Jenny, we knew she was the photographer for us.  She instantly made us feel at ease, and given that my now husband dislikes being photographed, that was no easy task. 

She has a remarkable knack for capturing the fun and flavour of the day, through both formal and candid shots, so unobtrusively.  Jenny always seeks out the most interesting compositions whilst not compromising on capturing the personalities of the individuals.  Our perfect day was enhanced by her presence"

Laura & Andy



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Before I sign off, I feel an explanation of the final photo may be needed!  No, Brookfield Barn does not come complete with giant darlek, but huge Doctor Who fan Andy felt his wedding just wouldn't be complete without one (naturally)!  Oh, and the keen eyed among you may have noticed the Dr Who cake topper too!  A fitting end to a fun, personality-filled day.

I'm excited to be returning to Brookfield Barn for Helen & Ian's wedding this August, and again in 2019 for Hannah & Andrew.  And if you've booked your wedding there and love my photographic style, do check my availability and request a brochure.

Now back to the editing!

Jenny x


Laura & Andy's Wedding Team

Venue: Brookfield Barn

Caterers: Bear Claw Catering

Dress:  Stephanie Kate Bridal Couture

Cake: Marks & Spencer Wedding Cakes (with personalised Dr Who Cake Topper)

VW Campervan:  Owned by a family friend (sorry - he's so cute, I know!)

Band:  The Outfit


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