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Best of 2019! Twelve months of Wedding Storytelling

Want to know what I got up to in 2019? Just hit PLAY for a two minute summary!





That was 2019. Quite possibly my best year yet.


I am a visual story-telling wedding photographer.  I capture moments.  Mostly candid, completely unposed moments of pure emotion.  Laughter and happy tears.  Reportage photography that documents your day in the way you want to remember it - real and heartfelt, but captured with an awareness of where to position myself for the best light, the most flattering angles, the perfect composition.

 I observe unobtrusively.  I look for (or create) the light.  Then I watch and anticipate.  It's what being a documentary wedding photographer is all about.  And I absolutely love it.

But your story wouldn't be complete without a few natural, relaxed images of your couple time alone.
  After the ceremony is the perfect chance for some time out, and later, maybe some dramatic sunset photos or some wow shots at dusk with beautiful back-lighting.

  I'll never intrude on your day, but I'll always have my eye out for magical light and the opportunity for something special.     



So what did I do in 2019?

I hit the beach (a lot).

Familiar beaches local to me (you'll spot Brighton and Worthing beaches amongst these images) and new ones - magnificent Archerfield House on the Scottish coast and stunning Tunnels Beaches in Devon, where I'm excited to be returning with more fab couples in 2020 and 2021! 

I frequented the South Downs

I revisited seven of my favourite Sussex barns:  Long Furlong Barn, Fitzleroi Barn, Brookfield Barn, Bartholomew Barn, Blackstock Barn, Pangdean Old Barn and Selden Barns are all featured here. 

I returned to the beautifully refurbished Pelham House in Lewes and also enjoyed a nature-inspired wedding at a venue right on my doorstep that I didn't previously know existed - picturesque Rye Island (also known as The Arabian Tent Company) in Henfield.  

I travelled the length and breadth of the UK

There was one particularly adrenaline-fuelled week in August when I drove from my home town of Shoreham-by-Sea to Devon via Somerset and onto the Scottish coast - taking in two amazing weddings, a pre-wedding shoot, a new venue visit and three university visits with my son along the way!  I had an absolute blast, and created many fond memories, both personally and professionally.  That's the kind of crazy I love (although I did take the following weekend off!)


And how is 2020 shaping up?


My 2020 wedding season will be no less exciting, with many old favourites plus a few fantastic venues that are new to me: locally, Two Woods Estate and Folkington Manor, and in the West Country (fast becoming my second home), Walton Castle in Somerset, and The Eden Project in Cornwall. 

Technically I'm fully booked for next year, but may be persuaded to squeeze in a couple more if the dates work out and my schedule doesn't get too crazy.  I still have dates available for 2021 and have just opened bookings for 2022.  So if you love these images and would like your day captured in a similar style, please do get in touch.  I would genuinely love to hear your plans and get to know you. 


Could I be your Wedding Photographer?


Hit the play button above for a quick 2 minute blast of what to expect if you book me for your wedding photographer.  Or if you'd rather scroll, you'll find all the images below.

So tough to choose 100 or so photos from around 12,000 but I could procrastinate for ever, so I've simply picked out a few of my favourites.  It's important to me that every couple who books me really understands how their wedding will be captured, so I've tried to ensure that my selection is truly representative of the storytelling approach I take to each and every wedding I have the privilege of being a part of.

Jenny x




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