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Bartholomew Barn Wedding | Sarah & Tom

Ouch! Like many of my couples and colleagues, I'm still reeling from another emotional rollercoaster of a month.  Weddings from 6, to 15, to 30, back to 15 thanks to Government decisions around how best to curb Covid, plus the venues' interpretation of how they can legally and safely apply the rules.  Simply impossible for anyone to plan for, and mentally completely draining for couples, venues and everyone in the wedding industry who work so hard to make every wedding special.

After being lucky enough to photograph six small weddings so far this Summer, with three more on the cards for Autumn/Winter 2020, I plan to share a little of my personal experience soon.  Many couples are wondering whether to postpone (for the second or third time in many cases) or to go ahead with whatever hand they're dealt at the time.  I hope that by giving a little insight into the small and micro weddings I've had the pleasure of capturing, the decision may become clearer.  Watch this space!

In the meantime, here's a wonderful wedding from June 2019 at Bartholomew Barn in Kirdford, West Sussex.  Regular readers will know I'm a huge fan of barn weddings.  They're generally relaxed affairs, that work for weddings of all sizes, with beautiful and natural photographic backdrops inside and out.  My photography style is unposed and documentary; for most of the day, I'm capturing moments as they happen.  So when every moment that takes place is under rustic beams, in natural fields or a beautiful courtyard, then it's a win-win! 

Sarah and Tom's wedding was no exception, a super relaxed day full of laughter, despite (and sometimes because of) Mother Nature unleashing a full force of constantly changing weather.  Sun, strong winds, heavy rain, rainbows (including a fabulous double rainbow!) and finally a magical sunset.  As often happens in natural outdoor settings, the weather becomes a huge part of the memories, captured through the bride's veil taking off in the wind, expressions on faces as guests run for cover, and romantic couple photos at sunset. 

When it's windy, our cats (two much loved British Blue shorthairs for the feline fans amongst you) go a bit crazy and start running frantically from one end of the house to the other.  If truth be told, I act a bit like that too, I love capturing movement and great expressions, which strong winds create in abundance!  I have an oversized raincoat - borrowed from my husband at some stage and never returned - which is roomy enough to quickly cover the camera gear hanging off my person and keep the worst of the rain off.  So if there's anything going on outside, I'll be running around in all weathers to capture it. 

I'm still hoping for snow at a wedding, but having started my business whilst living as an ex-pat in Florida, and now based on the South coast of England, the opportunity hasn't yet presented itself. (Getting married in snowy climes?  give me a shout!)

Back to Bartholomew Barn, kicking off with Sarah and Tom's lovely testimonial and a selection of images that tell the story of their fantastic wedding ceremony and celebrations:


"Thank you again for popping round the other night. We couldn’t wait to look at them all so spent the rest of the evening going through them, it really was like reliving the day!

We don’t even know how you got some of the shots, they’re so creative and we especially love how the emotion of the day is clear in every single picture.

We couldn’t be happier with our photos, you have done an absolutely incredible job and we’re so happy to have such special lasting memories of our day.

Thank you so so much."

Sarah & Tom


Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0000Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0000 Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0001Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0001 Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0002Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0002 Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0003Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0003 Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0004Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0004 Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0005Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0005 Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0006Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0006 Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0007Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0007 Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0008Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0008 Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0009Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0009 Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0010Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0010 Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0011Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0011 Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0012Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0012 Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0013Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0013 Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0014Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0014 Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0015Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0015 Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0016Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0016 Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0017Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0017 Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0018Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0018 Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0019Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0019 Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0020Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0020 Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0021Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0021 Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0022Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0022 Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0023Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0023 Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0024Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0024 Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0025Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0025 Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0026Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0026 Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0027Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0027 Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0028Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0028 Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0029Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0029 Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0030Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0030 Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0031Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0031 Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0032Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0032 Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0033Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0033 Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0034Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0034 Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0035Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0035 Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0036Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0036 Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0037Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0037 Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0038Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0038 Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0039Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0039 Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0040Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0040 Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0041Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0041 Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0042Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0042 Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0043Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0043 Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0044Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0044 Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0045Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0045 Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0046Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0046 Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0047Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0047 Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0048Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0048 Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0049Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0049 Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0050Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0050 Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0051Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0051 Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0052Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0052 Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0053Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0053 Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0054Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0054 Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0055Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0055 Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0056Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0056 Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0057Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0057 Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0058Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0058 Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0059Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0059 Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0060Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0060 Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0061Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0061 Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0062Bartholomew Barn Wedding_0062


A huge thank you to Sarah and Tom for inviting me to capture and be a part of their day.  As you can probably tell from the photos, I absoluted loved it!

If you're planning a Sussex wedding, just scroll through some of my recent blogs for inspiration.  If it's barns you're after, Long Furlong Barn, Pangdean Old Barn, Fitzleroi Barn, Blackstock, Selden Barns and Brookfield Barn are all regulars of mine, and all beautiful Sussex venues.  I'll be publishing new blogs of my most recent weddings from many of these venues over the coming months.

Think I could be the right photographer for you?  Please do get in touch, I'd love to get to know you and find out about your day. 

Thanks for reading, and keep an eye out for my upcoming blog on small weddings!

Jenny xx



Sarah & Tom's wedding team:

Venue:  Bartholomew Barn, Kirdford, West Sussex

Caterers & Bar:  Anise Catering

Bride's dress designer:  Ladybird

Bride's dress boutique:  Eva Rose Bridal, Storrington, West Sussex

Make Up Artist: Philippa Foyle Make Up Artistry

Hair:  Scott Palmer

Florist:  Cabbage White Flowers

Decor:  Not Your Average I Do

Cake: Calley's Cakes

Live Music in Day (Singer/Guitarist):  Lenon

Live Music in Evening (Band): Victoriana