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Although not a specific venue, I capture a lot of marquee weddings and just had to include them as a fun and relaxed wedding reception option. They are usually preceeded by a church ceremony, or occasionally a legal registry office signing followed by a celebrant-led ceremony outdoors.

Here you'll find everything from private garden marquees to full-blown festival style weddings with luxury tipis. But always with live music as entertainment.
Church & Marquee Wedding_0080Church & Marquee Wedding_0019Church & Marquee Wedding_0040Church & Marquee Wedding_0088Church & Marquee Wedding_0029Church & Marquee Wedding_0005Church & Marquee Wedding_0025Church & Marquee Wedding_0017Church & Marquee Wedding_0009Church & Marquee Wedding_0016Church & Marquee Wedding_0060Church & Marquee Wedding_0047Church & Marquee Wedding_0037Church & Marquee Wedding_0059Church & Marquee Wedding_0001Church & Marquee Wedding_0086Church & Marquee Wedding_0006Church & Marquee Wedding_0084Church & Marquee Wedding_0024Church & Marquee Wedding_0039